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Haldiram Nimbu Masala

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Haldiram Nimbu Masala has a sour taste and it is very yummy and tasty. Haldiram Nimbu Masala is a type of mixture which comes in tube like small shapes. Haldiram's is the very famous and best brand all over India. Haldiram's is very popular for its taste and quality products.

Haldiram Nimbu Masala has flavours, like sweet lemon, salty lemon, spicy lemon, and mixed flavor of sweet and salty lemon masala. Haldiram Nimbu Masala can be served as a tea time snack. They have delicious and crispy taste.

  1. Brand : Haldiram's
  2. Type : Snacks
  3. Weight : 200gm
  4. Food Preference : Vegetarian
Ingredients :
  1. - Chick Peas Flour
  2. - Edible Vegetable Oil
  3. - Potato, Potato Flakes
  4. - Tapioca Starch
  5. - Salt
  6. - Red Chilli
  7. - Sugar
  8. - Tomato Powder
  9. - Coriander Powder
  10. - Black Pepper
  11. - Clove
  12. - Dried Ginger Powder
  13. - Onion

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