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Haldiram Long Sev

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Haldiram Long Sev Gram pulse Flour, Edible Vegetable Oil, Edible common salt powder, Black Pepper powder, Red chilli Powder and Clove Powder.
Give your taste buds a delicious twist with this Long Sev from the house of Haldiram's. Prepared from pulse flour and special spices, it has a highly spiced flavour and is absolutely safe to consume. Classic and traditional, this Long Sev has ingredients like vegetable oil, common salt powder, black pepper powder. The right kind of spice and aroma make it an all time favourite snacks and is a symbol of light hearted fun and will be an ubiquitous part of any social and family gathering. A well known name in the market, Haldiram's deals with an array of snack items which are filled with nothing but natural goodness.
  1. Brand : Haldiram's
  2. Type : Snacks
  3. Weight : 200gm
  4. Food Preference : Vegetarian

Ingredients :

  1. - Gram pulse Flour
  2. - Edible Vegetable Oil
  3. - Edible common salt powder
  4. - Black Pepper powder
  5. - Red chilli Powder
  6. - Clove Powder

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