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Haldiram Bombay Mix

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Haldiram Bombay Mix Chavanu is Gujarat’s famous snacks recipe. It’s spicy, tangy and yummy in taste. There are various kind of chavanu you can find in the market, also can make it at home too. Basically chavanu is a Diwali snacks. During the Diwali, Chavanu is given as a gift with the different sweets. Also, during the special occasion it is served as a snacks. You can make the chavanu and store it for long time. Chavanu is a best time pass snacks which you can enjoy any time.
  1. Brand : Haldiram's
  2. Type : Snacks
  3. Weight : 200gm
  4. Food Preference : Vegetarian
  1. - Gram pulse
  2. - Peanuts
  3. - Vegetable oil (Peanut,Corn & Cotton Seeds)
  4. - Gram Pulse Flour
  5. - Green peas
  6. - Salt Red chilly Powder
  7. - Mango powder & Asafoerida powder.

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